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Bethesda Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical Malpractice Lawyer In The Washington, D.C., Area

There are many attorneys who take on medical malpractice cases, but few of them are practicing physicians. Elena M. Tilly, M.D., Esq., is a staff intensivist at three D.C.-area hospitals and a hospitalist at a fourth. Her experience in critical care medicine gives her special insight when she puts aside her stethoscope and practices law.

As a medical malpractice lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland, she knows medical mistakes can occur. As a doctor, she's seen it happen. She understands medical details and doesn't have to rely on a consultant to interpret the case for her. She has represented defendants and plaintiffs in malpractice cases; she can see and understand both sides of a malpractice suit.

Employment Discrimination

Discrimination rears its ugly head in the hospital industry in many ways, including denial of service for people on medical assistance, sexual harassment and employment discrimination in the forms of ageism and racism. Tilly Law Firm & Consultant Group works hard to defend the rights of people who have been discriminated against, regardless of the reason.

Medical Consultant For Attorneys And Attorney Groups

Medicine has a vocabulary all of its own, and medical procedures can be confusing to people who don't practice medicine for a living. Dr. Tilly consults with attorneys and attorney groups that are considering malpractice cases. She advises them on anesthesia, acute care medicine, emergency medicine and surgical cases.

Call For A Consultation

If you live or practice medicine in the Bethesda area and have questions regarding medical malpractice or workplace discrimination, give Tilly Law Firm & Consultant Group a call. We can be reached at 301-312-6413. You can also email us.

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